What is Nobody You Know Music?

•May 7, 2011 • Leave a Comment

With the exception of a small number of people in Northern California, most of you probably have no idea of who we are.

Nobody You Know Music is a platform that has links to the information of how you can go from regional to national exposure, using your brain, your keyboard, or the handheld device in front of you. We are not going to tell you how to do it (there are many ways). We, the members of the Hollywood Texas Blues, are going to show you our choices as we make them. You’ll see what works and doesn’t work. You’ll learn as we learn.

Hollywood Texas Blues is heading east for the whole month of May. We’ll be playing everything from dive bars to festivals, meeting new people, making new friends. We hope you’ll be one of them!

And the cool part is we’ll be filming the whole thing, posting videos on each day’s adventure. We’ll be gathering information for a documentary of what it all looks like – the brick walls we hit, the risks, trust in God and each other, and taking a close look at today’s messed up live music scene in the US. But most importantly, the excitement of living out your dream!

Please check out the informative links. Do your homework with us. Learn from (and laugh at) our mistakes. If you listen to and enjoy music, you will understand that we are all in this together!

*The nobodyyouknowmusic.com tour consists of the Hollywood Texas Blues along with special guest singer songwriter, Super Girlfriend (sgfmusic.com), a Prevost entertainer coach, a driver, a tour manager, a pile of merchandise, gear, and the best players we could get to join us!